OSL TF2 Medals

osl_medal_01I’ve been quite busy for the last few months. Studying, problems at work – you name it. About a week ago I finally managed to pass my exams, so, hopefully, now I’ll have more time to spend on my projects. Anyway, here’s an oldie.

That’s another TF2 medal that I’ve created with a great help from my friend Brd. This one is going to be a prize for winning/participating in 1v1 Sniper Cup hosted by osl.tf. As always, I made a sketch and the rest was made by Brd under my supervision.

As you can see, sketch (the above picture) differs a bit from the final version (the picture below) – we had to change the design due to polygon count limit. It’s always easier to make one low poly model rather than making different LOD models. Well, I’m kind of happy with the results after all.



Please check the Steam Workshop page for higher resolution pics. There’s also a tf2wiki page, but, unfortunately, it’s not informative at all.

Felix the Cat for Famicom


I’ve always wondered why Hudson Soft never released Felix the Cat in Japan. Sure, SFC was already huge at the time, but this game is so great and colorful and also long! Anyway, here’s my vision of Felix the Cat cart for Famicom. Maybe someone can translate ROM, so then we can make a full FC-style repro cart? I guess it would be nifty item for fami-collectors!


And here’s the label. Click for stupidly-high-res. Everything was drawn from scratch except Felix himself. You can use it however you want, but please don’t try to rip-off people on Ebay. “FELIX THE CAT SUPER RARE FAMICOM VERSION L@@K”, yeah right. :’)

The Highlander Open TF2 badges


And here’s another item for Team Fortress 2, it was made for ETF2l event called The Highlander Open. Brd did most of the work this time and I was more like a lead designer for this project. On the picture above you can see an early texture variant for the first place badge. Later it was scrapped and became the basis for the participant badge.



The goal was to make 4 different skins representing first, second and third place and also participant badges. Out of curiosity I checked stats for these items – looks like around 2000 participant badges were distributed in-game. Neat!

InfoShow TF2 Tournament Medal


Here’s an early model of my first Team Fortress 2 item. The important thing is that I couldn’t make it without help of my good friend Brd, who took care of texturing and final model tweaking. Also I should mention tf2-modeling-legend Ruskeydoo, who gave me some really usefull tips about TF2 art syle and 3d modeling in general.

You can check out the final version below. Also there’s some screenshots on TF2 wiki.


Speaking of InfoShow 2014, it was a nice little LAN party hosted in Kaunas, Lithuania. Oh, how miserably my team failed on this tournament… but that’s the whole another story.

Get Wracked

Well, I’ve got to start somewhere, I guess. In the next few days I’m going to upload some of my old stuff.

You know, I love DOOM. A lot. I even tried to speedrun the first game on SRL and managed to squeeze in top 10 at the 20th Anniversary Ultimate Doom Race. No joke! So when I stumbled upon Wrack, New-Old-School FPS from the former Skulltag developer Carnevil, I was pretty much hyped. It was 2012 and the game was in early alpha stage at the time, so there were nothing to look at. But anyway, I’ve preordered this game only to forget about it in a few days. Imagine my reaction, when in late 2013 I’ve recieved an email saying that Wrack is releasing on Steam! Immediately I decided to check out steam forums, where I found out that the dev team were looking for some help.

Well, to make a long story short, I’ve made an achievement icons set for this game.

Here’s some of them. You can find the rest on Wrack’s Steam page. Oh, and if you like this kind of games, be sure to play it. It’s totally worth ten bucks. There are also some good user-made maps at the Workshop as well!